Stories of Impact


  • “We see Sparkle Malawi as a commendable organization that is in line with our core values and a group to whom we could provide support. Knowing that most of the children served by Sparkle have little educational resource beyond the staff teachers, we agreed to collaborate on providing Sparkle with gently used iPads. We value the relationship that has been developed with Sparkle and look to continue and expand it in the future.”

    joseph g. lebrato, chariman – board of trustees american school of dubai
  • “The Sparkle Foundation is a wonderful charity, carrying out extremely valuable work in one of the world’s poorest countries. Staffed by international and local volunteers, their dedication to the most disadvantaged in the world is remarkable. We have funded a number of charities over the years with donations through our Giving Fund but we have decided to dedicate our overall support from now on to The Sparkle Foundation. I am proud Cornelius is working closely with their project Sparkle Malawi and I hope our support will give a real boost to the excellent work they do.”

    dr. neville prior, chairman of cornelius group plc.
  • “I’m sure I speak for the whole team when I say that we’re extremely proud to be supporting Sparkle Malawi. From small acorns grow mighty oaks – as the saying goes – and the work carried out by Sparkle Malawi is most certainly a testament to this. The Sparkle team and its generous volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that each local-level project they implement plants the seed of change to generate further-reaching sustainable impact. We’re delighted to have a hand in spreading the word about this truly inspirational organisation.”

    Joanna stephenson, managing director phd marketing and strategy
  • <p class=”p1 lead”>Thank you to Sarah @SparkleMalawi for coming in today & inspiring the AKS students. @OldArnoldians @AKS_OAKs @AKSACTION #votesarah</p>

  • Thank you for inspiring our pupils and showing them first-hand how they can make a difference @SparkleMalawi

  • @SparkleMalawi I and the rest of the team @JustGiving are super impressed with your energy and ambition. Here’s to successful fundraising!

    TOM WOOLF, Co-Founder JustGiving
  • Round Square European Conference and Abbotsholme present Sparkle Malawi with a cheque. @r0undsquare @SparkleMalawi.

  • @WaterExplorers Finalists @FelstedSchool raised £500 to pay for a well for @SparkleMalawi and got Bronze @CRESTAwards!

    CREST Awards
  • “Sparkle Malawi is changing lives of children here in Malawi! Thank you all for your donations! God bless!”

    Kumbukani Mponda, Malawi
  • “Thanks for joining us today, your work really puts things into perspective.”

  • “Remember Sparkle Malawi? They’re changing lives in Africa thanks to you.”


“The Inter Community School Colour Run was born out of inspiration and admiration for Sarah. We wanted to contribute to The Sparkle Foundation since she spoke to us in February of 2015 as we were absolutely amazed at what she had accomplished and had managed to give these children. With over 100 runners and 30 volunteers, the run was a definite success! It reached the heart of the ICS community and we hope that this will become an annual event where it brings all members of our community; teachers, parents, students, staff and alumni together. We look forward to the Colour Run establishing a permanent connection between ICS and The Sparkle Foundation.”
Anna Helena Marquez, 19
Natalya Siobhan Loughrin, 18

“It’s difficult to put into words just how incredible Sparkle is. In fact, I’m confident no words can truly convey the impact that this beautiful charity has had on the local community and the lives of hundreds of children.
From the word go the vibrant atmosphere in which we were welcomed into was almost tangible. Sparkle has created the perfect environment for children to prosper in a whole host of ways.
The nutritional and medical support the children receive is having a visible impact on the children’s lives, but it’s also clear that it’s having a wider impact on the local community thanks to a greater understanding and education led by Sparkle. The education however is the jewel in the crown, it’s quite simply stunning – the content, the attentiveness of the children but most of all the manner in it’s delivery. It’s fun, engaging, interactive and delivered with such care and attention from all the teachers. That’s the one thing that really stands out at Sparkle. Everybody cares. That’s not just towards the children, it’s with everyone they come in contact with.
It’s an overused throw away comment but it’s just one big family with everyone pulling in the same direction. This is just the beginning – there is an overwhelming sense of their ever increasing desire to want to be better and always for the sake of the children. Sarah Brook has created something really special here in Malawi and we are very proud to be a small drop in it’s beautiful ocean.”
Daniel Brownlie
Head of Marketing Little Kickers

“After hearing Sarah speak at AKS Lytham in assembly, Bella travelled to Malawi when she finished her A Levels to volunteer at Sparkle during her summer holidays. 

Spending two months with the children helping with the medical care, sport and marketing, Bella was loved by everyone who she cross paths with in the community. 

She left such a lasting impression at Sparkle that the children today still ask after her. 

Determined to carry on spreading the Sparkle even on her return, Bella reached out to her Father’s family company and arranged for bikes and blankets to be sent over to Malawi.

Three years on Bella continues to spread the Sparkle whilst pursuing her medical degree at Liverpool University. She has now become one of our Sparkle Ambassadors and recently spoke on behalf of the charity at the Inner Wheel St Annes Annual dinner which raised £600 for the organisation.”
Bella Kenworthy, 21
Undergraduate Doctor Liverpool University

Patricia was selected to go on a student exchange program in 2017 to Felsted School, London because of her potential, resilience and determination to make a difference.
The aim of the exchange was first to provide her with a very good experience at Felsted School. It was also to push her forward academically so she could one day move to senior school in Malawi, to wish to remain in education, and to prepare her to be an influencer in the next generation of young people in Africa.
The experience has raised aspirations of young people around her as well, and has provided the impetus and energy for some among a group of young people to help to pull Malawi out of the poverty trap into which it is in danger of falling. The transition back from Felsted was carefully managed and Patricia is in the next chapter of her life at a nearby boarding school.

“I visited Sparkle Malawi in December 2016 and June 2017. They were both amazing but very different experiences. The first time was eye opening with some very difficult times that helped me understand the harsh reality of life in Malawi. Seeing and experiencing things from the heart of the city of Zomba showed me how much needed to be done to help people. Through the variety of roles I had as a volunteer at Sparkle I learned so much about the culture, lifestyle and need of the people. The Sparkle Foundation catered for all of these areas. From creating safe environments by building showers, toilets and boundary walls with the builders to learning education techniques with the teachers you are involved in every area. We faced many challenges in the 6 weeks I was there but stayed focused on the reason for all this hard work, the children and community. I helped coach the football to a 4-1 victory against a fellow charity and even played against the teachers myself. It was an amazing day with true community spirit and so much laughter and dancing. This first visit to Malawi truly changed me as a person in a positive way.
My second visit honestly shocked me with the progression of the Sparkle Foundation. In a country where you are up against a lot of difficulties you can clearly see the funding and effort has paid off and the development was remarkable. The structure of the volunteer programmes is safe and eventful with so many new things to learn and help with. Whilst I was there I helped fit the security cameras, teach self defence to the women of the community and organise the first ever Malawi olour run which I can honestly say was one of the best days of my life. Your skills are put to good use so you never feel unsure about your role as a volunteer.
Both my experiences were so special and I wouldn’t hesitate to visit Sparkle Malawi in the future.”
Jessica Sharples, Health and Fitness Manager

“Where to begin? I could speak for hours about my experience at Sparkle.  From the moment, I stepped off the plane, I was immersed into Malawian life, ready to take on a month at Sparkle. Every single day out there was different, no day is the same in Malawi but one thing that didn’t change was my excitement to get up at 6am each day and spend the day with all the children and staff at Sparkle. From teacher training, feeding the children, playing games and so much more, the fun and challenges did not stop. I have to admit, whatever your skills may be, there is something for you to do at Sparkle to help make a difference!  MC (another volunteer there at the same time) and I speak nearly every week still, 14 months later, about our memories at Sparkle Malawi. It was the most challenging, memorable and rewarding experiences I have ever taken on. ”
Suzie Burton
Roadshow at FIRST in partnership with Goldman Sachs

“The Sparkle volunteer experience is one that almost cannot be described. It’s utterly life changing. I feel like I have gained an entirely new heart with the amount of love and appreciation I have for the Sparkle Family on the ground in Malawi. It’s definitely not for the weak-willed or spiritless, it’s challenging like no other experience, but exceedingly worth it. I will be forever in debt to my phenomenal Malawian family for opening my eyes to the delicacy of reality and unconditional love. Thanks to the Sparkle Foundation for helping this community to realise their potential and helping them to unleash it. It’s an absolutely breathtaking phenomenon to witness.”
Sophia Sillar

“After meeting Sarah at a CSR event in Dubai, I knew I would go and visit Sparkle Malawi as soon as possible. In June 2018, I was blessed with an opportunity to spend a week in Malawi, sharing my knowledge with the Sparkle staff. It has been the most inspiring, grounding week of my life and has definitely changed the way I think and approach development projects. Sparkle Malawi is a beacon of hope in the sector, empowering the children and adults of Malawi and creating self-sustainable impact for generations to come. If the opportunity arises again, I will not hesitate to come back to Sparkle and hopefully stay for longer!”
Tena Pick
CEO and Co-Founder of The Sustainability Platform
Founder of Project Kal

“In August 2017, I had the pleasure to volunteer at Sparkle Foundation. In four weeks, I became part of this beautiful family, where everybody is continuously working to create a better future for the children. The days at Sparkle had filled me with immense love and more consciousness about what happiness means. I have learnt that when people speak the language of love, it becomes possible to create possibilities and build an environment which welcomes changes and improvement. At Sparkle, you will not only receive the unconditional love of the children and the community, but you will also have the chance to be part of a project that will embrace your talent and make it into a life change opportunity for yourself and others.”
Miriam Capurso
Montessori Teacher

“In June 2017, I had an opportunity to visit Sparkle Malawi and help introduce Montessori into the curriculum. I trained the teachers on the ethos of Montessori and how to use the new equipment in the classrooms that had been kindly donated.
My experience of Sparkle Malawi will be with me forever! I created some great memories, and with help from us all we are making a difference to these children’s lives. I met some amazing people who never failed to make me smile. It was a great experience and one that has shaped me into the person I am today.
It was amazing to be a part of this flourishing project and would be great to have the opportunity to go back one day.”
Ella Westerhuis
Montessori Teacher