Sam’s Volunteer Experience 2022

What did you do whilst volunteering at Sparkle Malawi? How did a typical day look for you?

Every day seemed to be a little bit different. Derek and I were assigned to help the security team improve their operations. We went through a couple of meetings with them to see what they were lacking and if there were any quick fixes. Aside from that we also helped with the children wherever we could and that was lovely.


Why did you want to volunteer with Sparkle Malawi? In what ways does Sparkle’s mission and work stand out to you?

To be honest I only came on this trip because my wife, Candice, suggested it. I didn’t know too much about the foundation before I came but now I feel it is an organization I will never forget. Supporting so many vulnerable children is such a beautiful thing for anyone to do.


Could you tell us about the impact that you think your volunteering had? Did you feel valued and like your work had a clear purpose?

I hope the security team now feels a little more capable in the work they do but I think the trip had more of an impact on me than the other way round. So now I feel the best way I can give back will be to try to raise funds and awareness for the foundation in any way I can.


What is one highlight that stands out from your experience volunteering in Malawi? Any memories that will stick with you forever?

The children. All the staff were amazing but spending that time with all those kids is something I will never forget. There was one moment in particular where I held this little girl in my arms for as long as I could and if I was ever about to start crying, I think it would have been then!


What would you say to someone who is thinking about volunteering with Sparkle in Malawi?

Don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Just go. It’s an incredible experience


How was the process of volunteering with Sparkle? Was it well organised? Did you feel supported by Sparkle staff?

I think it was all still a bit new. All of us – the staff and the volunteers – were still trying to see where we can best work together, and I think we all learned a lot from it.


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