Providing nutritious meals for our children

Breakfast – In partnership with Mary’s Meals, delivery of a nutritious breakfast to all of our under 6’s.

Lunch – A bespoke nutritious lunch menu delivered daily to hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children.​​

Combatting malnutrition 

Early prevention is vital, with 50% of Malawians suffering from stunted growth. If a child under five suffers from malnutrition, studies show that they will never fully recover. Therefore, Sparkle introduced health evaluations, including body measurements, to identify and treat children at risk of malnutrition. These are carried out monthly on all our children in our project and those who would likely be enrolled at age two.

Education on nutrition

Nutrition is integrated into the Sparkle education programme and community enterprise projects to ensure we educate the entire family and village about the importance of good nutrition. We have also teamed up with the Ministry of Health, which provide Sparkle with nutritional training and support to ensure our feeding programme aligns with the Malawi Food Guide.

Creating a sustainable nutrition programme

Sparkle is now growing its own food to widen the variety of options to our children, including locally grown, nutrient-rich ingredients straight from the garden.


Delivery of a feeding programme for hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children attending Sparkle daily.


Growing three days’ worth of vegetables and herbs in our on-site vegetable garden to support our feeding programme and educate our children on best farming practices.


Educating parents and guardians of our beneficiaries on best nutritional practices through quarterly community trainings.


Educating all Sparkle stakeholders on best environmental practices, using and teaching new cooking methods to reduce deforestation and launching the first recycling scheme in the community for plastic waste.

meals served

elderly people given microloan for fertilizer

Sparkle farm to grow our own food

percent of our nursery children in the correct weight category for their age

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