What Sparkle means to me

My name is Chisomo Albert and am 13 years old. I am in Standard five at Chikamveka Primary School and I have been coming to Sparkle since it started six years ago. Sparkle has always been my second home. I come from a broken family and I never knew what it was like to feel loved until I was welcomed through the Sparkle gates. I used to fail in class as I was always hungry, and I couldn’t find any energy to interact with friends. Ever since I started attending Sparkle, I have made a lot of friends, I have had access to good food and I learn part time lessons which my guardians could not afford to pay for and as a result my academics have improved greatly.

I don’t know where I would have been without Sparkle as I see most children that do not come to Sparkle usually get in trouble at home or with their friends. Sparkle has taught me to focus on my education and make friends who will influence my life positively. Now I stand a better chance achieving my goal of becoming a teacher. It has really given me the opportunity of a future. I admire Chris Makombola as he is the only male teacher at Sparkle and he is so young, but children love him as he is a good teacher and he teaches us a lot of things. I want to be like that when I grow up. I know with Sparkle supporting me and all the staff behind me, I will make it. My favourite time is sports because I get to exercise and also play with my friends. I really love Sparkle and wish that every child had the same opportunity that I have been given.

-Chisomo Albert