Uzair Khokhar on Sparkle


I originally come from a developing country, Pakistan. People living in western countries, considered as the first-world countries have no idea how challenging life can be in developing countries.

When the modern world is striving hard to reach planet Mars, regions like Africa and some parts of Asia are still fighting to receive basic rights.

I believe that The Sparkle Foundation is the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel of misery and deprivation suffered by African children and their families. When I first listened to Sarah Brooks’ TEDx Talk, I realised that Sparkle is not about exaggerated promises, but an organisation meant for action to bring a real change. I consider The Sparkle Foundation’s initiative to be smart, far-reaching and impactful. These three qualities are the reason behind me becoming part of such a magnificent charity.

Once I read a quote in a novel, “God has given us resources, not to spend lavishly, but to give it forward to the ones who deserve.” This quote changed my perspective on life. I realised that it is my responsibility to help society, as there are a countless number of needy people who are waiting for our help. Resources are not limited to money only. The time we spend on something, the love and affection we show, and the struggle we get involved in, are what resources really mean.

Uzair Khokhar
International Volunteer at The Sparkle Foundation