Sparkle All The Way

The holiday season is filled with so much love, joy and happiness. What better way to celebrate than spreading the cheer all around?

When we asked our children in Malawi what difference they wanted Sparkle to make in 2019, the answer was simple. “We want more children to know about us and then we can help more people together.”

So, we took this vision back to our team in the UK where we sat down and shared ideas with William Morris Entertainment, IMG and IMG Models employees on their Sparkle CSR #WalkTheWalk initiative. And on that day, #SparkleAllTheWay was born.

Sparkle, the Sparkle Unicorn, spread her wings last week for the first time in Malawi and landed safely in London. She will be travelling around the UK visiting as many people as possible. We want to see how many kilometers she will fly, how many selfies she will take and how many lives she will touch. You never know she may break some records and become the best travelled unicorn in the world.

If you want to be part of the movement and make a difference with Sparkle, all you have to do is let us know your address so she can fly right to you, take a picture together when she reaches you, upload it on social media with her location, make your own wish for 2019 and then send her on her way to her next destination.

P.S. She is carrying a secret message all the way from Malawi. The only way you get to hear it is if she is in your hands.

-Sarah Brook