Size Of The Sky

I first heard about Sparkle in September 2016. I had just moved from the UK to Malawi and so wanted to get involved with things, but just didn’t have a clue how to. So, when I was invited to Sparkle, I jumped at the opportunity! I and my husband Andy, who is an international teacher here in Malawi, set off from our home in Blantyre to Zomba – one of our first trips to the beautiful town. We arrived and had no idea where to go, so after a lot of asking, and a few extra passengers in the car with us who showed us the way (and got a free lift), we made it to the wonderful Sparkle Malawi site.

What an amazing place it is. I think my favourite thing about Sparkle is their views on sustainability as it’s one of the most important things here in Malawi and it can really help to move a country forward. Sparkle acts on these values in everyday situations. For example, when children attend the school day, they are advised to bring a stick for the fire. It’s teaching them independent thinking, giving them responsibility and showing them that their actions matter. I just loved it.

We arrived at Sparkle and were greeted by the most beautiful smiling children. I brought my guitar and we had some performances from local acts and myself. It was such a lovely day and on a personal note, exactly what I wanted to come to Malawi for.
Since the first trip, I wanted to do what I could to help Sparkle in my own small way. While I’m here in Malawi I’m writing and Album with local Malawian musicians, so I decided to put one of my brand-new tracks ‘Size Of The Sky’ onto iTunes and donate the proceedings to Sparkle and the amazing work they are doing.

Also, not too long ago a couple of friends came out to visit us here in Malawi and I thought it would be an amazing experience to take them to Sparkle. And they just loved it! It’s hard, isn’t it? As someone from a first world country, you see places like Sparkle and want to buy and give out sweets and toys, but again it all goes back to sustainability, and give outs aren’t going to be effective in the long run. My friends were so moved by their visit to Sparkle I know they’re already thinking of a productive way to do what they can to help.

You too can help by supporting Size Of The Sky at

Annemarie Quinn