Help Florence send her children to school

We would like to introduce you to Florence Madera. She is 40 years old and is a mother of 8 children. Florence’s husband who was the breadwinner of the family recently passed away leaving her to look after their newborn baby and 7 children.

She has been struggling to send 6 of them to school as she has no source of income. Her children are being sent back due to lack of clothing, uniforms, notebooks and other basic needs.

The Sparkle Foundation has trained her in tailoring as part of their community empowerment program. Florence wants to start her own tailoring business to be able to support herself and children. We would like to help this mother acquire a start-up capital for her tailoring business/shop she needs so desperately. We would like to support her and her family with a rental deposit, sewing machine, cotton fabric and other tailoring materials needed for her startup business.

Please visit our DonorSee page to help contribute towards Florence’s tailoring start-up.