Go and make that difference

If I can make a positive difference to just one person’s life, then in my book, I have been a success. It might sound easy, but finding the right way to do it has proved to be less than simple…….and then I found The Sparkle Foundation!

Having heard from Sarah about the conditions in Malawi, about her personal and inspirational story, and some of the stories behind the people and communities they help, this ticked all the boxes. I felt that I could make a difference to them and that they would make a difference to me: win-win.

I first went to Malawi in October 2018. We hear about life in the world’s poorest countries, we see news items and documentaries, but unless you actually see it for yourself and smell and taste life there, then our appreciation is one dimensional. To see the conditions in Malawi, to talk to the people there, to understand it properly, was a truly life-changing experience. I had to be involved, so not only did I pledge to give money through my company, but I also pledged to involve our staff, give time to the Foundation, and ultimately become a Trustee.

I am not a teacher, lawyer or medic, but I do have significant business experience, leadership, and management skills, all of which I believe to be of benefit to the charity in the UK, and ultimately locally with the team on the ground.

I have just returned from Malawi again, (October 2019), and the stories still have the same theme. However, to see the positive effect that Sparkle has is a reward beyond compare. To see children smiling and happy when at the Sparkle site, to see local women’s groups putting new-found skills into practice, to see the dedication of the staff says it all. In some small way, I have contributed to making a difference.


Submitted by Neville Prior

Trustee at The Sparkle Foundation