Size Of The Sky

I first heard about Sparkle in September 2016. I had just moved from the UK to Malawi and so wanted to get involved with things, but just didn’t have a clue how to. So, when I was…. -Annemarie Quinn

Sparkle All The Way

The holiday season is filled with so much love, joy and happiness. What better way to celebrate than spreading the cheer all all around? When we asked our children in Malawi…. – Sarah Brook

The Sparkle Car

Gustav Burton, a 15-year-old Year 10 student at Felsted School, has joined Douglas Motorsport for the balance of the 2018 season and will be partici­pating… – Gus Burton Racing

Creating Change

Malawi is one of the world’s least developed countries where a significant portion of the population lives below the poverty line with serious consequences for children and women. – Lusungu Zgambo