Mask initiative raises over £1,000 for The Sparkle Foundation to support communities in Malawi

Source: UK news group

UK-headquartered charity The Sparkle Foundation, which provides essential support and resources to vulnerable individuals in Malawi, is celebrating after a team member raised over £1,000 for the organisation making, selling and distributing face masks across the globe.

As part of The Sparkle Foundation’s fundraising efforts, team member Becca Morrison, and her family, took to sewing machines to help the charity by producing masks and selling them to customers around the world. Funds raised will go towards The Sparkle Foundation’s sustainable charity activities in Malawi.

Becca commented: “We are so proud to have raised over £1,000 for The Sparkle Foundation. As face masks have become essential for everyone, we wanted to turn the issue into a positive drive that makes a real difference. Every time we’ve tailored and distributed a mask, we are helping to change lives. That’s special to us, it really is.”

Funds raised by The Sparkle Foundation and its members support the charity’s activities in Malawi, which aims to provide vulnerable individuals in the region with access to the tools, education and resources to support themselves and those around them.

In parallel to the efforts of Becca and her family, youths at the Malawi programme have also been collecting donated materials from their communities and have learned to make face masks, which are distributed to community members who would otherwise be unable to afford them. The organisation operates with a ‘sustainable charity’ ethos, which empowers individuals in the community.

Sarah Brook, Founder and CEO at The Sparkle Foundation, commented: “Becca and her family are a perfect representation of Sparkle, and what we stand for. Our goal isn’t just a short-term cash injection; it’s long term sustainable support for communities. Focusing on the bigger picture, we help our programme members develop the skills and resources to enrich the lives of individuals in their own neighbourhoods for years to come.

“When I founded the charity in 2012, it was to create real, meaningful change rather than growth for growth’s sake. Our team and partners are dedicated to helping those in need and it makes us so proud to see The Sparkle Foundation succeeding.

“We would also like to thank four lovely ladies in England who donated their sewing machines for the cause. The machines have made the trip to Malawi and are now being used to help vulnerable communities in the fight against Covid-19. It really highlights the power of people and how individuals can make a real difference. It perfectly sums up what we believe at The Sparkle Foundation!”

The Sparkle Foundation is currently seeking new corporate partners looking to help make a difference and support the charity’s efforts through challenging economic times. To find out more the organisation and the significant CSR benefits of partnering with The Sparkle Foundation, please contact –

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