We don’t just provide food and education to our communities. We also are investing in a sustainable healthcare platform to serve them.

The healthcare challenge in Malawi

With only 0.02 physicians per 1000 people in the country, Malawians have extremely limited access to healthcare, and over half of the country live more than five kilometres away from the nearest clinic. The country has the tenth highest prevalence rate of HIV/AIDs in the world, with one in ten adults carrying it. Combined with malaria and other diseases, Malawi’s child and adult mortality rates are very high, with one in fifteen children not surviving past age five.

How Sparkle is helping combat this challenge with the Sparkle Clinic

Our Sparkle Clinic is certified by the Malawian Health Department, and our medical team provide comprehensive medical services to our Sparkle community. Sparkle helps with: malaria, malnutrition, psychological trauma, bereavement, illness, worms, physical injuries, HIV education and awareness, vaccinations, hygiene and sex education.

We work with the Ministry of Health and have partnered with Matawale Health Centre who provide us with some of our medications and specialist training.

Sparkle has a permanent, fully qualified staff nurse working with vulnerable children and adults. Her experience covers all areas of critical care, and together with our qualified clinician and experienced matron, they ensure the health of our Sparkle community. She and her team conduct a thorough process, weighing, measuring and monitoring every child’s progress as they develop in the Sparkle environment.

We also run an emergency ambulance service providing the Sparkle community access to our nearest hospital, Zomba Central, should a severe incident arise.


Outpatient medical services and awareness programmes are carried out for children, staff and community members in our catchment area.


Signed 5 memorandum of understandings with academic institutes, foundations and international organisations to amplify the impact of Sparkle’s work.


Emergency transport is provided to community members who need life saving treatment at hospital.


On-site medical facility delivering a range of services to the Sparkle community.

medical cases treated

women screened for Cervical Cancer

lives saved through our Sparkle ambulance

staff trained in first aid

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