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One-to-one lessons…
CHIFUNIRO is a 4-year-old girl who lives in Mwandiyesamwana village. While Sparkle was closed during COVID, our teachers conducted home visits, and it was during this process, Chifuniro’s case was brought to our attention. She had started to regress with Schools closed and could no longer count and read. We quickly put a plan of action in place, and through a series of one-on-one sessions at his home socially distanced, with our teacher Chris, we were able to get her back pronouncing the sound of letters and writing with assistance. Chifuniro is now back where she was before the lockdown began, and we are excited to welcome her back to Sparkle.

One child can help change a community...
JULIA joined Sparkle Malawi in 2019 because her family lacked fees for her pre-school. Her mother wanted Julia to have access to quality education, and when Sparkle registered her, she was happy. Julia can now access quality education and medical care, and she receives food because she is under the feeding program; Julia is growing healthy, nutritionally well and can play and interact with her fellow children. Her mother is thankful to Sparkle for what it has done to her daughter and for her too. Julia's mother, Esnart, is part of Sparkles Adult literacy class and can now read and write, which she wasn’t able to do before; she is now literate, which helps her in her daily life. Esnart also plans to start a small business and says knowing how to read and write will also help her a lot in her business management. You can see the changes that Sparkle has had on a child and their family, which in turn will impact the community once Esnart can start her business.

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Montessori early years' education

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Continuous access to clean drinking water

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