There are several different key elements for how stakeholders can make a difference. For Sparkle, it is not just about the funds you can raise, it is about looking at your range of assets and working together to make a social difference that is mutually beneficial for both parties. We want to collaborate with you to look at how best we can use your employees’ time, your products or services, or leveraging your property space to support the relationships that you have and create a more sustainable fundraising model that will enable long-term sustainability and lasting change.

Over the last decade Sparkle has been working with a number of companies across the Middle East, Africa, Europe  and UK to create bespoke CSR initiatives that have sustainable impact. From organisations with 50,000+ employees to small home-grown workforces, we are able to develop and deliver initiatives centered around your company’s vision, mission and values.

PHD Marketing and Strategy

At PHD we’re delighted to support Sparkle with a range of copywriting, social media and marketing services to promote the charity and support the fundraising efforts. The Sparkle team is fantastic to work with and we are constantly in awe of the work going on in Malawi.

Cornelius – Strategic Partner

Cornelius have been in a successful, mutually beneficial partnership with Sparkle since 2017. Significantly, Cornelian’s know they have contributed to making some of the world’s most deprived communities a better place to be.

The Curiosity Approach

Lyndsey and Stephanie, the co-founders are so dedicated to making a difference to children across the world, that we actively support the United Nations Global Goal 4 "Quality Education"

Our CSR programme is broken down into the following three segments:

Power of people.
Your employees contribute their time to help us run Sparkle with their specific skillset.

Sustainable impact.
A % of your profit is channeled to a programme in Malawi to save children's lives.

Your employees are given volunteer days to travel to Malawi and make a difference.

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