Sparkle’s vision for sustainable communities

Sparkle runs a number of tailored outreach programmes, in partnership with our community committee, village heads and government bodies to empower members with tools and knowledge to become self-sufficient and food secure. ​Sparkle does not believe that pouring money continually into a project is efficient or effective in solving a problem, and the success of any community program is based on the relationship with the beneficiaries it supports.

In the 17 communities we serve, Sparkle develops bespoke initiatives based on the need of each village. With a robust monitoring and evaluation system in place, Sparkle always ensures its programmes are community led and are in line with the overall national strategy. We are creating community spaces for agriculture, training, tailoring, baking and other learning programmes to create long-term sustainable impact. 

For us at Sparkle it is all about mentorship and allowing our local management team and community to drive our strategy forward. To maintain the sustainability of our programs we use locally sourced materials where possible and ensure that the people we are supporting take ownership of the project and truly feel a part of the change.


Facilitating workshops and training to provide our community members with the opportunities to learn new skills and become self-reliant.


Community mobilisation through women’s groups and volunteer peer counsellor health education workshops to improve maternal and child health.


Equipping our 14 – 21 year olds with the tools and training to become innovators in the fields of democracy, economics, media, and social entrepreneurship.


Providing community members with free professional training such as tailoring and farming, to start their own businesses and become self–reliant.

community members trained to generate their own income

villages provided with hand sanitisation systems

community members provided with literacy training

people reached with community awareness programmes

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